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There is a girl at my school who seems to enjoy bullying people. I have seen her bullying my friends as well as myself. I know what anyone is going through if they are being bullied. The helpful hints I give them are: if you are being bullied stay strong and don't let the bully beat you. Even if you feel intimidated, face the bully and remember that it is maybe because the bully has a problem. You and your friends should all stick up for each other, that way the bully will be defeated.


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Dear N....

Thanks for your email with your advice to young people who are being bullied. Sorry to hear that you and your friends are having a hard time with another girl at school. Have you spoken to teachers about this? As you say, having the support of friends and facing things together can make a big difference if you're being bullied. Indeed, studies have found that having friends who are prepared to support you and stick up for you can positively discourage bullying. Sadly many people begin to think that bullying is somehow their fault and they can begin to keep things to themselves. It's so important to talk about things with others. Thanks again for the important points that you make - we'll be delighted to post your comments.

With best wishes,

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