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Susie Eilidh Rory Anne-Marie
Amy Matt Nasim Ian


All about me

KeyHi, I'm Susie. I'm 15 years old and go to Highland Academy. It's quite a large secondary school. My mum and dad were born in China, but I was born in Scotland. I speak Cantonese at home when I'm around my parents. I've never actually been to China. I'm proud of my background but I feel Scottish. Some people find it strange when I talk with a Scottish accent. But how else would I talk!!

What I like

My favourite subjects at school include French and Art. I would love to be a fashion designer when I leave school. I go shopping most weekends, sometimes buying clothes, sometimes just looking! When I go shopping with my friends I tend to spend more money than when I go with my mum! I love buying clothes that look a wee bit different. I'll probably have to go to college to train to be a fashion designer but think it's important to get work experience too. Who knows, I could be the next Stella McCartney! Or the first Susie!

Bullying and me

I was sometimes called names at primary school Read a message, but not very often, and nothing since I started secondary. I guess my school must be pretty friendly! We had a competition to draw an anti-bullying poster and loads of us entered Resource. I do feel a wee bit of pressure to keep up with some of the girls. Some of my friends get a lot more pocket money than me, and are always buying stuff from clothes to phone cards. So, there is probably a bit of peer Click for a Buster factpressure Visit a website there. They buy designer stuff, t-shirts, bags, but I prefer to go to charity shops. That way I can put together outfits that are unique. But some of the girls I know laugh at me behind my back. It doesn't bother me too much. It did when I was in 1st year, but I am more confident now Read a message and put it out of my mind.

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