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I have never actually been bullied myself but one of my best friends has been and I had to help her through it! It was a really bad time for her. I think bullies are cowards and bullying is a horrible thing to do. I wish it could be stopped once and for all. It's the worst thing that could happen to someone. How can bullies live with themselves when they constantly make someone's life not worth living?


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Dear F....

It's a sad fact that some people enjoy the sense of power that making other people miserable gives them. Some of them have low self-esteem and bullying may be the only thing they are good at. However, many people who bully others do not have low self-esteem and are not cowards. When someone is called names by everyone around them the effect can be devastating but the individual 'bullies' may feel no sense of guilt because they are only doing what everyone else does; because it is only meant to be a 'laugh', and because they may not realise the harm that they are doing.

The important thing is that those of use who do realise the damage that is bneing done should - like you - support the victim and put pressure on the ones who are doing the bullying to stop.

With best wishes,

Anti-Bullying Network Adviser

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