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Hi there,

Me and these other girls were bullying another girl. We were saying things like she had lice and she was getting mad but we never really paid that much attention until she got us in trouble.

How do I stop bullying other people?


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Dear A....

By contacting us you have shown that you care about other people and, that like most people who get caught up in bullying, you are simply involved in a situation which has got out of hand.

I think you will be able to stop bullying people quite easily - all it takes is to think about how your actions or words might hurt someone else and to remember that everyone has a right not to be bullied. However, your friends may not want to change as much as you do. They may even put you under some pressure to join in making fun of someone, so it may take real strength on your part to suggest to them that this is the wrong thing to do.

But remember, peer pressure can be positive as well as negative and helping people is a lot more satisfying than making their lives miserable.

Best wishes,

Anti-Bullying Network Adviser

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