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Susie Eilidh Rory Anne-Marie
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All about me

KeyHey, I'm Rory and I'm 14. I go to Island Secondary and am in 3rd year. I go to school on one island and live on another! So, my school bus is really a school boat. My mum and dad live on the other island. I don't have any brothers or sisters but that doesn't bother me. I live in a hostel all week while I'm at school and go home at the weekend.

What I like

I like loads of things. My mobile phone, especially when it has money on it, motorbikes, wargaming. My favourite games are Warhammer and Stargate. I loved the Lord of the Rings movies. My PC is at home and I play a lot of online games on it against people from all over the place. I'm best at Quake III and GTA San Andreas. My dad bought me a mini-moto for my birthday, which is like a wee sports bike. I've done over 40 on it!

Bullying and me

I've been accused of bullying Read a message another boy at the hostel I stay at. There are about a dozen of us there, going to 2 different schools. It wasn't bullying I don't think Visit a website, just playing and stuff, but the woman who keeps an eye on us told me off. I've not to call Brian, this other guy, names Read a message. He's making a big deal out of nothing. I'm no bully Read a book. I had to sit down with him and this teacher to promise not to do it again, and they made me sign a contract Watch a video. I do miss my mum and dad during the week. I get pretty sad sometimes but I can't really do anything about it Visit a website as I live on an island with no school.

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