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Hi there,

I get bullied on the bus to school. What can I do about it? Help please.


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Dear S....

I am very sorry indeed to hear that you have been bullied on the bus.

First of all, you must tell someone - a parent or family member, a teacher, someone else you trust. If you are in Britain, the 24 hour Childline Number is 0800 1111, and they could help you talk it through. This is a free service.

Do remember that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, sadly it happens to hundreds and hundreds of young people. Do keep a diary of what happens, so that when you tell the school you can be sure of your facts. Do download the information sheet 'Let's stop bullying - advice for young people' and look at page 10 especially.

In Alness, Scotland, school staff, pupils, the police, the local bus company and community members came together to create an anti-bullying initiative, including bus monitors, which cut down on bullying and vandalism on school buses - download the paper by Lindsay Graham, Health Promoting Schools, Highlands Anti-bullying - a school and community approach). You might like to show it to people at home and at school as an example of one scheme to tackle bullying and vandalism on school buses that seems to work.

I do hope this helps, and wishing you all the best,

Anti-Bullying Network Adviser

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