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All about me

KeyHey, I'm Nasim. I go to Glasgow Road Primary and I'm 11. I've got a mum, a dad, a big brother and a little sister. I'm in P7 at the moment and go to the secondary school in a few months. I walk to school with my pals as it's pretty near my house. Sometimes after school I go to a pal's house but I tell my mum before. I got my bike stolen when I took it to school once. I got a new one but leave it at home in the garage.

What I like

I like the usual stuff I suppose - football, my XBox, watching TV (The Simpsons and Big Brother are my favourite shows). My dad takes us bowling sometimes, and we usually get a takeaway on a Friday night. When it's my choice, I want pizza!

Bullying and me

I've been called names before. I get called 'paki' quite a bit Visit a website. Bit weird really as I was born here and my parents are from Bangladesh, but whatever. And sometimes they write things about me on my jotter when they steal it from my bag. I don't know if that is bullying or not Watch a video. I'm worried about moving to the secondary school Visit a website. I'll need to take a bus to get there and it goes through a tough area. We call it chav avenue. Guys in hoodies and stuff Read a message. We all went to the secondary school for half a day to see around. The teachers were fine but none of the pupils really talked to us. Someone said that on the first day you get your head flushed down the toilet. I think I'm going to hate it. My big brother will be there to help me out but I can't rely on him all the time.

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