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I was bullied for 2 years and all it did was make me feel like nothing. Even my friends seemed to hate me. One girl I lived next door to started to pick on me as well. She'd bully me all day and then I'd have to go home on the bus with her pretending nothing was wrong. I was like an actress. I pretended to everyone that I was fine when I wasn't. I didn't realize it then but it was about the worst thing I could have done. Eventually I changed schools where I now have plenty of friends who accept me for me and I couldn't ask for anything more than that. But you know I'm glad I was bullied as it made me stronger and more wary of the world around me. If you're being bullied just remember to keep your head held high and forget them all. They won't be there forever. And I promise you that it will get better- just hold on.


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Dear E....

Thank you so much for your inspiring message. We're delighted to post it. A message of hope from someone who has been bullied is very special. Your message powerfully conveys the pain of being bullied. Children and young people who are presently going through this horrible experience will recognise the feelings you describe. You're speaking from the heart and from experience and this gives your message of encouragement added weight. Young people reading your account may also recognise the reluctance to confide in someone and to admit what's happening. But, as you found out, it is really important to trust someone and to talk about what you're really going through. I'm so glad that the nightmare of bullying is behind you now and that you are enjoying your life with friends who really appreciate you. It's great that you are using the sensitivity gained during your own painful experience to help others. As you say, when you're being bullied it's so important to have hope and to believe that things will get better. We're happy to pass on your message of hope.

With best wishes for a happy future,

Anti-Bullying Network Adviser

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