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All about me

KeyHi there, my name's Matt. I'm 17 and attend City Road Academy which is a large inner city school. I'm in 5th year and hope to leave for university soon. I've applied to study maths at a couple of Scottish universities and hope to get a conditional place. I'm sitting 5 highers which means I am studying most days of the week!

What I like

I guess you could call me a football nut. I'm a member of the Tartan Army, the Scottish football team's official supporters. I've been abroad to see the team and haven't missed a game at home for five years. Glutton for punishment, eh? I prefer watching the national team as there doesn't seem to be the sectarian chanting Visit this website you get at other matches. I've always had trouble walking but places like football stadiums are a lot better these days in providings automatic doors, lifts and other things that make my life a little easier.

Bullying and me

I can honestly say I've never been bullied at school. I have a great bunch of friends. I've known them since first year. I'm actually involved in peer mediation Watch a video and have been a 'bully buddy' for the last two years. This means I help out with looking after some of the younger pupils Read a message, being there for them to talk through their bullying problems. I've taken some circle time sessions Watch a video with my teacher as well Visit this website. I guess what I say to kids being bullied is hang in there, tell someone, and it will get better Read a book. I promise Read a message.

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