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Bullying is horrible. I know because I am being bullied and it's all over a boy. The girls used to be my mates. Now they have all turned against me and I can't cope any more. I'm always in tears, not wanting to go in to school.

We have just had the Easter holiday and I thought it would be all over - but no. When I got back to school they would start saying things. To make things worse they spat at me. And to make things much worse the teachers are not doing anything to stop it. They say that they will sort it but it just drags on and on.

For all you people who haven't been bullied - you're lucky. If people try to start, just walk away. Don't let them pick on you and do get all your friends, family and even your teachers to help.


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Dear B....

Thank you for your message. This type of group bullying among girls is quite common - but it won't really help you to know that. What may help is the knowledge that you have have done exactly the right thing in asking for help - even though your teachers have not been able to solve the problem straight away. Group bullying like this can be really difficult to solve. It may be that the teachers are not sure what to do. They may even be frightened of making things worse.

The important thing is for you to be able to ask for help if you need it, and to keep on asking for help until the problem stops. If you don't do that and keep your hurt to yourself, your teachers, family and friends may think that the bullying has stopped.

With best wishes.

Anti-Bullying Network Adviser

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