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All about me

KeyHi, I'm Eilidh. That's pronounced Eh-lay, in case you were wondering! I'm 10 years old and go to Merrick Primary. I'm in P5. I live with my mum and wee brother. My mum and dad are divorced but I see my dad quite a lot as he lives near us. My brother goes to the same school as me. I try to ignore him at playtimes. Not cool being seen with an 8 year old!

What I like

I like boys as friends. There are a couple at my school that I like and we Click for a Buster factmeet up at lunchtime. And I have a boyfriend. He goes to another school. I also like ponies a lot, but can't afford my own one. I would love to be a vet when I grow up, or maybe a jockey. Mum lets me go riding every second weekend. I get to trot round a paddock and sometimes we are taken out into a wood where we can gallop the ponies a wee bit.

Bullying and me

Although I've always gone to this school, I feel like I am losing my friends. They tease me quite a bit Read a message about having a boyfriend at another school and about boys in general. Some don't believe I even have a boyfriend, and others say he is my brother. That's not true. I've seen stuff written about me on toilet walls Watch a video. It's really childish stuff but it hurts. I told my mum about it and she told me not to be silly, that girls say things Visit a website and they don't mean it. I've not been hit by anyone, but name-calling Read a message can be nasty too. In fact, I think name calling is worse.

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