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All about me

KeyMy name is Anne-Marie. I go to St Helena's Primary School and am about to move to secondary school. I'm 12. I've got a couple of best friends at school, Charlene and Yvonne. My wee brother Thomas also goes to my school, but he's only in P3. He sits with his own pals at lunchtime, thank goodness! I'm tall for my age, so my gran says.

What I like

My favourite subject at school is English. I love it when we have to write stories. I can think up loads of different things and create characters all the time. I would love to be a writer when I grow up. I've read all of Jacqueline Wilson's books. I think Dixie Diamond and Daisy are my favourite characters. I quite like gym, but I can't climb ropes! I prefer when we get taken to the swimming pool, and quite like hockey.

Bullying and me

I am worried about moving to secondary school Visit a website. My 2 best friends are moving to a different school so I don't know what I'll do. I'll know people from my primary, but it won't be the same. I am quite clever and this causes problems Read a message with people being jealous. Everyone is going to be older and I've heard stories Read a book about what can happen to you , getting stuff stolen and getting pushed on the bus. I've heard you can get a bully buddy but that will probably make me more of a target. I'm tall for my age and get called 'lanky' and 'beanpole' so it's going to be worse at secondary. Mum says I'll love it but I'm not sure. What if older girls find out about this and start to gang up on me? Does anyone else Read a message feel like this?

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