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I have been bullied from the begining of Grade 1. I am now in Grade 7 and I'm 12 years old. This has been a big problem in my life and I don't know how to deal with it. I have tried talking to the person and I've also tried talking to my teacher about it. No matter what they do it doesn't help. If I could go without bullying for one day I'd be happy.

It's non-stop. It happens on the internet, at school, and out of school. I don't want to go to school anymore because of what's been going on. I've asked my mom to change schools but then I'd probably be bullied there too. I found out about this website when I was at school in computer class.

My teacher hates bullying and she's awesome. She tries her best to help me but it doesn't work. Please, I'm not sure if I can handle this anymore.


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Dear A....

The first thing I must say is that you have been doing the right things in talking to your mom and to your teacher about the way that you feel. The fact that the bullying has not yet stopped does not mean that either you or they have done anything wrong. It may just be that they, like you, don't know what to do for the best.

Could you speak to both of them again? Don't feel bad about asking them to listen to you - and try to understand if they are not sure what to do for the best. If they don't seem to understand how serious this is, why not show them a copy of your email to me and of my reply to you?

You say you are being bullied on the internet. If someone is sending you abusive emails you should keep copies of them all and show them to your mother and teacher as well. Depending on what has been said in the email, it may be that a crime has been committed. In Scotland, if someone was sending threats of physical harm through email, this would certainly be a matter for the police.

You might also want to look at some new leaflets which we have published. They are intended for young people and parents in Scotland but I think you will find them helpful.

The solution to your problem will be found in talking to people you know and trust.

With very best wishes,

Anti-Bullying Network Adviser

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