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All about me

KeyI'm Amy, I'm 13 and at the moment I go to Strathmore High. It's the 8th school I've been to since I started school! My family are travellers and we move around quite a bit. My dad died last year. He used to run a fairground with my mum, but now it's just her and I help quite a bit. There are loads of others that travel with us so we all muck in. I've got 5 brothers, two younger and three older. A sister would be nice!

What I like

I love my jewellery, or my bling as mum calls it! I've got about 30 bangles, loads of rings and about 10 necklaces. Some of it is gold but I don't think it's worth that much. My mum usually buys me jewellery for my birthday but this year she bought me a top of the range mobile. My brothers all have MP3 players, but I'll stick with my phone cause it plays music too! School is alright. I don't really have any close friends as I keep moving on, so what's the point getting to know anyone?

Bullying and me

I get called all the usual names, 'gypo', 'pikey', 'scheme-y', Visit a website but I've heard them all before. It does bother me but I know I'll be leaving the school soon so just ignore it. There are a couple of girls who are jealous of my mobile. They got my number and sent me horrible texts Read a message. Someone told me they also said horrible things about me in a chat room Visit a website while I was online Read a message. The same girls tease me about my dad dying View a video. I really miss him Visit a website and it hurts when they say things like 'is your dad picking you up from school today?'. I've had a chat with an older girl at the school and she told me she was bullied as well View a video. It sort of helped.

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