Complete Guide to WWW sites Anti-Bullying Network
Here is a list of all websites mentioned on this site, pulled together into one place. The latest links to be added to this website are located here.

Link Addressing Bullying Behaviour - an Australian website ...go there
Link The Andrea Adams Trust ...go there
Link Anti-Bullying Alliance ...go there
Link Barnardos - information on children's rights and community; section on future citizens ...go there
Link BBC Bullying Survival Guide ...go there
Link Be Safe Online - for general advice about bullying online ...go there
Link Black and Asian History Map - experiences of ethnic minorities and historical information ...go there
Link Britkid ...go there
Link Bully B'Ware Productions - general information for all parties ...go there
Link Bullying in Canada ...go there
Link Bullying Online ...go there
Link - this is a site for young people which allows them to share experiences and opinions of bullying. It has a useful links section. ...go there
Link Campaign Against Bullying in Ireland ...go there
Link Campaign to End Homophobia ...go there
Link Caper Playground ...go there
Link Catholic Information Centre ...go there
Link Children First ...go there
Link Children with Emotional and Behavioural Problems - links into research projects working with EBD children ...go there
Link The Children's Society - looks at racism, rights of child, rise in exclusions etc ...go there
Link ChildLine ...go there
Link CoastKid - this is an interactive website for children and young people about bullying, which works like an on-line soap. ...go there
Link Commission for Racial Equality ...go there
Link Connects - a world-wide, interactive, personalized forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities. ...go there
Link Coosje Griffiths, a school psychologist ...go there
Link Dealing with Bullying - an Australian website with information on school and workplace bullying ...go there
Link Don't Suffer in Silence ...go there
Link EACH - a support service for young people affected by homophobia. ...go there
Link Enquire - a Scottish service for pupils, parents and staff ...go there
Link European Conference on Initiatives to Combat School Bullying ...go there
Link ExamAid - a registered charity aimed at helping students who have personal or domestic crises to deal with. ...go there
Link Fischy Music ...go there
Link Forces Helpline ...go there
Link Forum on Discrimination ...go there
Link Health Education Board for Scotland ...go there
Link Highland Youth Voice ...go there
Link Hourglass Productions presents "Bullying - you don't have to take it anymore" ...go there
Link Incentive Plus - supplier of books on bullying ...go there
Link Institute of Race Relations - information on schools against deportation and pupils' experiences as asylum seekers; and the Homebeats CD-Rom on racism and black presence in GB (£25, information through the IRR website, publications section). ...go there
Link Jenny Mosley Consultancies - Jenny has done much to popularise 'circle time', and her site explains this and related strategies for 'emotional literacy' amongst children and young people, plus details books and other resources. ...go there
Link Just Fight On - a worldwide community project dedicated to helping and promoting targets of workplace bullying ...go there
Link Kids Help Line ...go there
Link Kidscape ...go there
Link Leap - confronting conflict ...go there
Link Learning and Teaching Scotland ...go there
Link Learning and Teaching Scotland - whole school issues ...go there
Link Learning and Teaching Scotland - inclusive education ...go there
Link Lucky Duck Publishing ...go there
Link Mental Health - the Mental Health Foundation and their work with children and young people - set up Peer Support project. Information on Peer Support. ...go there
Link Metropolitan Police - a streetwise guide to coping with bullying ...go there
Link Miami State High School, Australia ...go there
Link The "No Bully" website is based in New Zealand. ...go there
Link NSPCC - general information for all including Kid Zone ...go there
Link Oxfam - global citizenship, topics for classroom, in age categories ...go there
Link Parents in Education - focuses on parents as educators, home-school links, family learning, education for parenthood, and related topics. It aims to connect information about research and practice, to enhance progress in bringing home and school together in partnership. ...go there
Link Parentline Scotland ...go there
Link ParentZone Scotland has recently been re-launched. It provides information about and links to organisations and publications that address issues parents deal with, including bullying. ...go there
Link Peace Programs ...go there
Link Peacebuilders ...go there
Link Peer Abuse - American-based site looking at peer abuse (bullying) in schools and the workplace. ...go there
Link Peer Support Networker ...go there
Link Peers and Pros ...go there
Link Raising Kids ...go there
Link The Samaritans ...go there
Link Scottish Centre for Nonviolence ...go there
Link Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) ...go there
Link Scottish Council for Research in Education (SCRE) ...go there
Link The Scottish Executive ...go there
Link Scottish Executive - Advice for Families ...go there
Link Scottish Executive - Advice for Young People ...go there
Link Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC) ...go there
Link Scottish School Board Association (SSBA) ...go there
Link Scottish Schools Ethos Network (includes case studies) ...go there
Link Scottish Virtual Teachers' Centre (SVTC) ...go there
Link Spotlight 43 - Finding out about Bullying, from SCRE ...go there
Link Stonewall ...go there
Link Stop Bullying Now ...go there
Link Stop Text Bully ...go there
Link Success Unlimited
and the Scottish version
...go there
...go there
Link Taking the Bully by the Horns by Kathy Noll and Dr Jay Carter ...go there
Link TalkAdoption ...go there
Link Talking Point ...go there
Link Terrence Higgins Trust ...go there
Link Tigerchild - "A balanced source of information on raising children". ...go there

Link Valuing Diversity: Scottish Executive document ...go there

Link 'What Have I Ever Done To You?' - a book written by a bully victim. Visit the author's website. ...go there
Link YoungMinds is a national children's mental health charity. Their website is for young people, parents and professionals working with children. ...go there

Link 'Zippy's Friends' is a programme for young children on coping skills. ...go there