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Resource Ethos is Here to Stay - a handbook of printed and electronic resources to help all schools develop a more positive ethos. The final publication of the Scottish Schools Ethos Network.
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Resource CAHRU
We are making available 2 supplements to briefing papers produced by the University of Edinburgh's Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit (CAHRU).
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Resource Success Stories III
The Scottish Parent Teacher Council's resource 'Success Stories III - a catalogue 2004' is available to browse online. This is a 150 page compendium of initiatives in Scottish schools, indexed by authority, and by topic (e.g. pupil support, inclusion, literacy, peer support, problem solving, behaviour).
Resource ''I am the Hate that Dare Not Speak its Name'
Dealing with homophobia in secondary schools
An article published by the Association of Educational Psychologists, outlining a report into the issues of homophobic bullying and sexuality in secondary schools.
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Resource The 'Bullying and Victimisation in Schools' conference was held on 13th December at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Marylouise Morris, an education and awareness officer with Childnet International has kindly made available her powerpoint presentation (440Kb) from that conference. Don't forget to click within each slide to view the dynamic elements.


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