Reading List for Anti-Bullying Literature Anti-Bullying Network

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by Laura Fox, art by Chris Sabatino, a Small Horizons 'Let's Talk' release fiction/children's self-help, 48 pages/26 colour illustrations, ISBN 0-88282-185-7, published by New Horizon Press.

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'No Bullying' Starts Today
George Robinson et al, Lucky Duck, 1995
101 Ways to Deal With Bullying
Michele Elliot, Hodder & Stoughton, 1997
A Community Approach to Bullying
Peter Randall, Trentham Books, 1996
Action Against Bullying
M Johnstone, P Munn, L Edwards, SCRE, 1992
Adult Bullying
Peter Randall, Routledge, 1996
Penny Casdagli, Daniels Publishing, 1996
Maggie Stockton, Daniels Publishing, 1996
Bullies and Victims - Helping Your Children Through the Schoolyard Battlefield
Suellen Fried, Paula Fried, M Evans & Co Inc, 1998
Bullies are a Pain in the Brain
Trevor Romain, Free Spirit Publishing, 1997
Bully Free Classroom: Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K-12
Allan L Beane, Free Spirit Publishing, 1999
Bully in Sight: How to Predict, Resist, Challenge and Combat Workplace Bullying
Tim Field, Success Unlimited, 1996
Brendan Byrne, Columba Press, 1994
J S La Fontaine et al, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 1991
Angela Grunsell, Franklin Watts, 1994
Carrie M H Herbert, Daniels Publishing, 1995
Vivette O'Donnell, Campaign Against Bullying, 1998
Young Minds Trust, Young Minds Trust, 1994
Elaine Bennet, The Industrial Society, 1998
Paul McCarthy, Millennium Books, Australia, 1996
Craig Donnellan, Independent Educational Publishers, 1998
Bullying - A Community Approach
Brendan Byrne, The Columba Press, 1994
Bullying - A Positive Approach
Delwyn Tattum, Graham Herbert, South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education, 1990
Bullying - A Practical Guide to Coping for Schools
Michele Elliot, Financial Times Management, 1996
Bullying - A Resource Guide for Parents and Teachers
Vivette O'Donnell, Attic Press, 1995
Bullying - Sorted!
Veronica Parnell, Zoe Crutchley, Scripture Union Publishing, 1998
Bullying - The Child's View
J S LaFontaine, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 1991
Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
Costigan, The Columba Press, 1998
Bullying and How to Fight It
Andrew Mellor, SCRE, 1993
Bullying and Sexual Harassment
Tina Stephens, Institute of Personnel and Development, 1999
Bullying at School
Andrew Mellor, SCRE, 1997
Bullying at Work
Andrea Adams, Virago, 1992
Bullying Booklist
Jan Doggett, Gloucestershire School Library Service, Lucky Duck, 1998
Bullying in Childhood
Birmingham City Council Education Department, National Primary Centre, 1995
Bullying in our Schools
David Fitzgerald, Blackhall Publishing, 1999
Bullying in Schools
Dan Olweus, Blackwell, 1993
Bullying in Schools
Ken Rigby, Jessica Kingsley Publishing, 1997
Bullying in Schools
Delwyn P Tattum, David A Lane, Trentham Books, 1989
Bullying: A Whole Prison Response
Delwyn Tattum, G Herdman, Cardiff Institute for Higher Education, 1995
Bullying: Don't Suffer in Silence
Department for Education, Stationery Office Books, 1994
Bullying: Home, School and Community
Delwyn Tattum, Graham Herbert, David Fulton Publishing, 1997
Bullying: Study Guide
Olivia Coles, Craig Donnellan, Independent Educational Publishers, 1998
Bullying: What Can Parents Do?
Kevin Brown, Monarch Publishers, 1997
Coping with Bullying in Schools
Brendan Byrne, The Columba Press, 1993
Dealing with Bullying
Yvette Solomon, John C Coleman, Wayland, 1998
Dealing with Bullying
National Youth Federation, Irish Youth Work Press, 1995
Dealing with Bullying (The Conflict Resolution Library)
Marianne Johnston, Powerkids Press, 1998
Dealing with Bullying at Work in a Week
Ruth Wheatley, Headway, 1999
Fighting, Teasing and Bullying
John Pearce
Focus No, 4 - Focus on Bullying
SOED, HMSO, 1994
Freedom from Bullying
Mildred Masheder, Green Print, 1998
Harassment, Bullying and Violence at Work
Angela Ishmael, The Industrial Society, 1999
Helping Children Cope with Bullying
Sarah Lawson, Sheldon Press, 1994
How Do I Feel About Bullying?
J Johnson, Franklin Watts, 1999
How to Beat Bullying
G C Laskey, Health Habit Publishing, 1992
How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies: A Book that Takes the Nuisance out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense
Kate Cohen-Posey, Rainbow Publishing, 1995
I Wish Someone Could Stop This
Andrew Mellor, Bulletin of the National Association of Special Needs - Edinburgh, SCRE, 1994
If It Makes My Life Easier to Write a Policy on Bullying
Barbara Maines, George Robinson, Lucky Duck, 1994
International Harassment Network Annual Conference Proceedings: Harassment and Bullying at Work
Vicki Merchant, Merchant & Co, 1994
Keys to Dealing with Bullies (Barron's Parenting Keys)
Barry E Mcnamara, Francine J Mcnamara, Barron's, 1997
Let's Celebrate our Differences - An Anti-Bullying Strategy for Youth Workers
Jacqui Morton, Shirley Henderson, LAYC, Children's Work Fund, 1996
Let's Stop Bullying - Advice for Young People
SOED, HMSO, 1994
Nature of School Bullying
Peter K Smith et al, Routledge (Imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd), 1998
No More Bullying!
Rosemary Stones, Happy Cat Books, 1998
Overcome Bullying for Parents
Sheila Munro, Piccadilly Press, 1997
Parents and the Bullying Problem
David Fitzgerald, Blackhall Publishing, 1999
Promoting Positive Relationships (Bullyproofing our Schools)
Strathclyde Regional Council, Glasgow, SRC, 1994
School Bullying
Peter K Smith, Sonia Sharp, Routledge (Imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd), 1994
Sexual Bullying
Neil Duncan, Routledge (Imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd), 1999
Smart Moves: A Kid's Guide to Self-Defense
Christopher Goedecke et al, Simon & Schuster, 1995
Spotlight 23 - Bullying in Scottish Secondary Schools
Andrew Mellor, Edinburgh, SCRE, 1990
Spotlight 43 - Bullying and How to Fight It
Andrew Mellor, Edinburgh, SCRE, 1994
Stamp Out Bullying
Barbara Maines, George Robinson, Video, Lucky Duck Publishing
Stop the Bullying
Carrie M H Herbert, Larine Beale, C Herbert Publishing, 1996
Stress and Bullying in the Workplace
Sugar and Spice? Bullying in Schools
Celestine Keise, 1992
Supporting Schools Against Bullying
Pamela Munn, Edinburgh, SCRE, 1993
Tackling Bullying
Jo Broadwood et al, 1996
Tackling Bullying
Jim Tuthill, Jo Caryl, 1994
Tackling Bullying in Your School
Sonia Sharp, Peter K Smith, Routledge (Imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd), 1994
The ABC of Bullying
Marie Murray, Colm Keane, Mercier Press, 1998
The Bullying Problem
Alan Train, Souvenir Press, 1995
The No Blame Approach
Barbara Maines, George Robinson, Video, Bristol, Lucky Duck Publishing
Turn Your School Around
J Mosley, Wisbech, LDA, 1993
Understanding and Managing Bullying
Delwyn Tattum, 1993
We Are Talking About: Bullying
Anne Charlish, Wayland, 1998
What Do You Know About: Bullying
Pete Sanders, Steve Myers, 1993
What's Happening?: Bullying
Karen Bryant-Mole, Wayland, 1994
Which Way Now? A Progress Report on Action Against Bullying in Scottish Schools
Andrew Mellor, Edinburgh, SCRE, 1995
Wise Guides: Bullying
Michele Elliot, Hodder Children's Books, 1998
Young People and Bullying
Brendan Byrne and Fran Bissett, 1995
Return Your Child: Bullying
Jenny Alexander, Element Books Ltd, 1998