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We have gathered together all the links on this website and placed them in our resources area.

Link Parent Network Scotland deliver courses and workshops across Scotland in parenting skills to parents and professionals. ...go there
Link The Forum on Discrimination seeks to allow different groups to come together to share experiences and ideas on discrimination. ...go there
Link Be Safe Online - for general advice about bullying online ...go there
Link Learning and Teaching Scotland - wide variety of resources available on this website ...go there
Link Jenny Mosley Consultancies - Jenny has done much to popularise 'circle time', and her site explains this and related strategies for 'emotional literacy' amongst children and young people, plus details books and other resources. ...go there
Link 'YoungMinds' is a national children's mental health charity. Their website is for young people, parents and professionals working with children and gives details of a national telephone service offering advice and support for parents and professionals concerned about the mental health of a particular child.
...go there
Link Connects - a world-wide, interactive, personalized forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities ...go there

Link Parents in Education - focuses on parents as educators, home-school links, family learning, education for parenthood, and related topics. It aims to connect information about research and practice, to enhance progress in bringing home and school together in partnership. ...go there

Link Enquire - a Scottish service for pupils, parents and staff ...go there

Link Tigerchild - "A balanced source of information on raising children" ...go there

Link Incentive Plus - supplier of books on bullying ...go there

Link ParentZone Scotland has recently been re-launched. It provides information about and links to organisations and publications that address issues parents deal with, including bullying. ...go there

Link Bullying Online ...go there

Link The Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC) ...go there

Link The Scottish School Board Association (SSBA) ...go there

Link The "No Bully" website is based in New Zealand. ...go there

Link European Conference on Initiatives to Combat School Bullying ...go there

Link Scottish Council for Research in Education (SCRE) ...go there

Link Bully On Line (about workplace bullying) ...go there

Link Scottish Schools Ethos Network (includes case studies) ...go there

Link Scottish Executive - Advice for Families ...go there

Link Scottish Executive - Advice for Young People ...go there

Link ChildLine ...go there

Link BBC Bullying Survival Guide ...go there

Link Kidscape ...go there