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About Us

The Anti-Bullying Network was established at the University of Edinburgh in 1999 with funding from the Scottish Executive to provide free anti-bullying support to school communities. In the first eight years that it operated on this basis, the Network gained a national reputation for the high quality of the services it provided to school communities.

The Anti-Bullying Network is now an independent operation with the following objectives:

  • to support anti-bullying work in schools;
  • to provide a free website;
  • and to offer an anti-bullying service which will include the provision of training, publications and consultancy services.

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Our staff

The Anti-Bullying Network's Director is Andrew Mellor; Dr Lorne Greig is Company Secretary and Network Manager.

Andrew Mellor
Andrew has worked in the field of anti-bullying since the mid-1980s, establishing himself as the national expert in this area. Andrew conducted the first substantial research into bullying in Scotland in 1988. He became Scotland's Anti-Bullying Development Officer, and established the Anti-Bullying Network in 1999. He has written extensively on the subject of bullying, and has delivered keynote speeches and workshops to audiences in Britain and internationally.

Lorne Greig
Lorne has a background in educational research, having worked as a consultant for the Faculty of Education at the University of Strathclyde and various Scottish Government departments. He runs his own website design business, having built and maintained the Anti-Bullying Network website since 1999. As Network Manager, he is involved in all the day-to-day dealings of the Network.

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